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Call it a lucky synthesis or pure serendipity – either way there is no denying that Clare Valley climate, altitude and soil quality are perfectly attuned to growing the noble Riesling grape. Whether young or cellared, our premium Riesling presents elements that simply sing with the magic of the Clare. In the world of wine, fashions may come and go. Yet the beauty of Riesling lies in an enduring structure and flavoursome versatility – vintage after vintage.


The Riesling maker’s dream

Most winemakers know there are challenges ahead of them when vinifying grapes into wine. One common difficulty is the creation of a credible representation of the local terroir, while genuinely encapsulating the varietal in question. But for us here at Taylors Wines, we know that we (and our Clare Valley colleagues) are just a little bit spoiled by a region that seems purpose-built for the creation of sensational Riesling. Lower rainfall, enviable altitude and lime-rich terra rossa soil combine to nurture and develop the best aspects of this noble white. Riesling is renowned for thriving in dry and unforgiving terrain, preferring lower rainfall than many other grapes. And here in the Clare, we’re more than happy to oblige with ideal conditions. This fragrant white delights in a classic Continental-style climate, with the Clare Valley’s chilly nights and warm days fitting the bill to perfection.

An unfair advantage?

The Clare Valley itself has a well-earned reputation for producing world-class Riesling. And at Taylors Wines in the Auburn patch of the Valley we certainly feel that we have been blessed. Our position lends itself to large diurnal temperature swings from day to night and the odd rainfall event in December – just when the vines need a little ‘freshen up’). The classic overnight cold snaps we experience during February mean the acids in the grapes are finely balanced and the sugars are allowed to take a well-earned rest.

Where credit is due

There is nothing more exciting and rewarding for us at Taylors Wines than knowing that our prestige wines are deeply enjoyed. When it comes to our Clare Valley Rieslings, we’ve been fortunate enough to also be rewarded many times with acknowledgement from the wider wine community. Our 2014 St Andrews Riesling for example has won multiple gold medals and a championship trophy via prestigious wine shows across the globe.

It’s terrific to be ambassadors for the Clare Valley and to showcase a
Riesling that continues to garner support and recognition on the international stage.


Analysing a gem

So what can lovers of premium wine expect from a Clare Valley Riesling? In the glass, this wine demonstrates a very subtle straw hue that visually prepares the nose and palate for an elegant journey ahead. Aromas of lime and lemon abound, along with mild citrus blossom and mineral talc notes. On the palate, beautifully balanced acidity provides notable length, enabling flavours to expand across time. The Clare Valley’s limestone soil assists in the development of a smooth minerality. This plays a large part in the structural integrity of our Riesling – the fine, lean acid line – enabling the endurance that can see successful cellaring to 20 years and beyond. Often white wines can be overlooked when it comes to choosing candidates for cellaring. Yet Clare Valley Riesling has proved time and time again that it has the capacity to age for
many decades. Given patience and time, a well-cellared Riesling will exhibit an incredibly entoxicating mix of aromatic delicacy, fruit intensity and a memorable finish.

For magical moments

Opening a bottle of premium Clare Valley Riesling – and we’ve created some classics for you across our ranges – provides a world of food and function possibilities. In the summer months, the crisp dryness and clean palate wrap perfectly around classic warm weather dishes such as seafood, Asian-style starters and marinated BBQ fare. Yet due to the elegant structure and length of a Clare Valley Riesling, this noble white can easily take on co
mplex accompaniment across every season. Clear minerality and the fine notes of lemon and lime prove the perfect companions for autumn cuisines such as tagines, mature cheese boards and aged wagyu. Whether enjoying quiet time with friends or throwing the ultimate soiree, our premium Clare Valley Riesling will bring out the best in all of your events.

An Aussie ambassador

It’s heart-warming to know that our Clare Valley Riesling continues to make a mark across the world as a signature Australian wine. When we think about the combination of perfect soil and climate factors that are drawn by nature into our Riesling vines, it certainly makes us want to create wines that reflect that special synergy. We salute this classic noble white – and invite you to enjoy the magic of our premium Australian Riesling.


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