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Spring – don’t we just love this hopeful and energising time of year? Some of us tend to leap into the possibilities of the fresh season, while others might need just a little more time to warm up as the days lengthen. Whatever your approach to spring, there’s no denying that there will be lots to do as the social season swings into gear. We all know that time can certainly fly when it comes to freshening up the wardrobe, pantry and cellar in time for all those warm weather get-togethers.
For this reason, spring represents the perfect time for enjoyers of premium wine to start organising and curating their wine for this year’s parties and events. And what better starting point than a deliciously blended sparkling wine (or two)?

A burst of bubbles
Although we know a lot about wine here at Taylors, even we have a hard time putting our collective finger on exactly why the phrases ‘spring time’ and ‘glass of bubbles’ go so perfectly together. But as producers of fine sparkling wine, we certainly do understand that when wine grapes are combined in the perfect traditional method, a unique alchemy can occur. Our Pinot Noir Chardonnay Brut Cuvée from the Taylors Estate range represents a high point in the development of Australian sparkling wine. With our nation’s warm climate and enthusiasm for social fun, it’s clear that a light, crisp and nuanced sparkling wine will – without fail – add a special note to every gathering. Yet we’ve gone one step further. As well as developing a unique, award-winning sparkling wine, we’ve added a new method of bottle closure in order to markedly extend quality and enjoyment.


No cap on quality
By now, most winemaking nations have accepted that screw cap bottles provide just the right combination of product enhancement, convenience and aesthetic streamlining that customers expect in their wine selections. Yet for some people, a bottle of bubbles is still inextricably bound to the sound of a corky ‘pop’ upon opening. For those vintners like us who have bravely crafted and put forward the screw cap design for our premium bottle-fermented sparkling offerings, people will understandably have some questions. Like will a screw cap on sparkling change the taste? And are bubbles less fun without the bang?
Well, we’re confident that not only will our premium Brut Cuvée be unchanged in presenting crisp flavours and a tingly mousse – you will actually get to enjoy your sparkling wine for longer than the initial moment of opening.
Now, of course many people might understandably decide not to make our Taylors sparkling last any more than a few hours (it is delicious after all!) But if you would just like to drink a glass or two and save the remainder, we know how heartily disappointing it can be to find this nigh on impossible for sparkling varieties.
For those frustrated with finding a flat half-filled bottle in the fridge the next day, our screw top design is a must-have for your spring sparklings.

A whole new way to enjoy the season
Gone will be those hopeful hosts who try – in vain – to cram a fat, used cork back into an open bottle of sparkling. Banished will be the ‘teaspoon dangle’, with that innocent piece of cutlery hanging sadly and uselessly in the neck of (once bubbly) bubbles. With the screw cap design now proudly featured on our premium sparkling wine, you can enjoy the fizz of your Pinot Noir Chardonnay blend for two to three days after opening – with no loss of flavour, clarity or quality. We don’t like to waste a drop of good wine, and we love doing what we can to improve the experience of wine drinkers wherever possible.

A nod to the past, but eyes on the future
But is a ‘pop’ somehow needed to make things special? We have thought about and investigated this question closely. And what actually appears to be most important during special events is the sense that guests are being indulged with the highest quality food, beverages and entertainment possible.
In fact, the Master Sommeliers Association teaches graduates that a bottle of sparkling wine should be opened ‘oh so gently’ so as to actually not make a pop. They understand that the vigorous pop releases too much carbon dioxide into the wine… and then loses too quickly what we love about it – the bubbles. Rather poetically, experts say the sparkling wine bottle should gently ‘sigh’ like a contented woman when the cork is released – not pop and fizz. This is sometimes difficult to achieve with a cork closure, but definitely not with an innovative screw cap solution.
So, without needing to scare nearby wildlife with the noise or whack a hole in the ceiling, we’re entirely sure that our cork-free sparkling still delivers all of the special delights that a good wine should. Many years ago, non-sparkling wines moved slowly to the superior screw cap, with strong resistance being mounted then by cork fans. History speaks for itself when we see how discerning drinkers of premium wine have embraced the benefits of the screw cap closure method. Now as Taylors Wines proudly presents the world’s first bottle-fermented screw cap sparkling, we’re delighted to be leading the way in developing a unique approach to the enjoyment of this special and cherished wine style.

A special bottle of bubbles
With its extraordinary citrus notes, well-developed creaminess and a delicate mousse, the Taylors Estate Pinot Noir Chardonnay Brut Cuvee undergoes a special fermentation process within each individual bottle. To ensure the development of precise gaseous components, purpose-bred yeast compounds are introduced with painstaking accuracy to our sparkling’s fermentation.
Our winemakers know that upon opening, each discerning wine drinker wants to be assured of a light and tantalising wine experience. Unlike huge vat-fermentation processes used in non-premium sparkling wines, we have instead poured our heart and soul into every single bottle of the Brut Cuvée, via our individual bottle fermentation process.
We love tradition here at Taylors Wines – but we also adore innovation. Presenting the world’s first resealable screw cap for a bottle-fermented sparkling wine has undoubtedly become one of our proudest moments at the winery.

And the accolades begin…
But how does the Taylors Estate Pinot Noir Chardonnay Brut Cuvée stack up in the field of premium sparklings? James Halliday for one certainly approves: “Well-structured and balanced… a surprise packet” was the pronouncement in the 2015 Wine Companion regarding this stellar offering from Taylors. Awarded 91 points under Halliday’s exacting system, we feel confident that lovers of good wine can enjoy outstanding quality and value from our premium sparkling wine. With two silver medals also recently awarded, we’re excited to think of the reception that awaits our Pinot Noir Chardonnay Brut Cuvée down the track as word continues to spread.

Starting fresh
Spring is all about energy and renewal. When freshening up your cellar for the party season, be sure to include some premium sparkling wine from Taylors, with the added ‘twist’ of screw cap versatility. Whether at home, out at picnics or beside the racetrack – every event can become a celebration with the right choice of award-winning bubbles.


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