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This month in the Clare Valley, the arrival of spring has inspired all manner of activity about the winery and vineyards.  In the winery, installation of the new refrigeration plant is well underway and the general commotion that accompanies construction will continue until the plant is commissioned in time for vintage 2012.  This exciting work forms part of our ongoing commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and has also received recognition by the government who have provided partial funding for the project as part of the “Re-tooling for Climate Change” initiative.

 Out in the vineyard there’s quite a bit of ‘spring action’ going on too with signs of budburst in some St Andrews Chardonnay blocks whilst over in the Promised Land block, preparation work is proceeding for the planting of almost 30,000 baby vines (known as rootlings).  There’s a fair amount of work in this; first the rows must be ‘ripped and mounded’ – we’re using a 500 horsepower Cat Challenger.  Next, end posts for the trellis wires are positioned followed by location of intermediate posts along the rows. All in all once finished, there will be 404 end posts, around 7,000 intermediates and nearly 40km of cordon wire! This particular vineyard site is perfect for Cabernet Sauvignon and Ken, our vineyard manager along with Colin our viticulturist were able to source all the rootlings we required from a nursery down in Langhorne Creek.  Once the site has been prepared, planting will commence around October and the young vines will have to be carefully nurtured for some 4 years before we are able to pick our first crop. 

Our commitment to quality means that we will always grow our own grapes wherever possible and so, in a time when many other wine companies are selling off their vineyard assets for short-term gain, I’m proud of the fact that we are still committing both our time and financial resources to planting.


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